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How to Remove Ads From Your Youtube Videos

Michelle Blanton
April 8th, 2013

** Update: YouTube only lets you disable ads on videos that have been monetized.**

Ads displaying on your videos can not only become an annoyance, but they can also take the focus off your video. "Is there a way to prevent ads from showing up on my YouTube videos?" you might ask. Yes, there is a way to eliminate ads for the videos to which you own all the rights.

Here are the simple steps you'll need to take to do just that.

First, sign in to your YouTube channel. Next you'll want to click the "video manager" button on the drop down on the top right.

youtube ads step 1 - 1

Next you'll want to click "edit" on the video you want to stop displaying ads on.

Youtube ads step 2 -2

From there click the "monetization"  button.

Youtube ads step 4 -4

Finally, you'll want to uncheck the "monetize with ads" box.

youtube ads step 5 -5

This little trick helps to stop displaying ads on any videos that are monetized.  Of course, if you're looking for great content to post to YouTube, we can help you with the editing process.


Michelle Blanton

As Director of Content & Community, Michelle not only manages social media, but she can also wrangle creative content into a fully formed online marketing strategy.

When she isn’t molding social media into shape or shooting and editing behind the scenes videos for 12 Stars Media , she’s often bending the space-time continuum. Her research of time travel consists primarily of analyzing Doctor Who episodes and studying the proper way to fend off Daleks. She plans to revisit time travel last Wednesday (pun absolutely intended because she’s a sucker for a good pun).

When she isn’t trying to hurtle through time, she’s fond of passing the time by writing, baking delicious things, or by capturing a moment with her camera.

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