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This is Video You Can Do

Viewers watch hundreds of millions of hours of video on the internet every day, and you know you need to share some of your own. Save time and money by collecting smartphone video in one place and letting professionals edit it for you.

Can I ___________ with Candidio?

  • Get a great video even though I'm not a professional videographer? Yes!
  • Collect and create video testimonials from my customers? Yes!
  • Get professional feedback and advice to help improve my video skills? Yes!
  • Create professional videos from content I capture using only my smart phone? Yes!
  • Crowdsource videos and photos to create user-generated content? Yes!
  • Produce an animated explainer video or feature-length documentary No

Anything we missed, or still have questions about how Candidio can make your videos rock? One of our Producer Success Specialists should be able to help!

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Why you'll love Candidio...

  • This Guy

    Yes, you do actually get to talk to a human. Nathan will help you work through your creative ideas and equipment questions to make sure your videos get done on time and on budget. Think of Nathan as your video spirit animal.

  • Any Device, Anywhere

    Record and manage your video productions from anywhere. Any smartphone, tablet, or webcam works great. Candidio works where and how you work.

  • Video is a team game

    There is no ‘I’ in video. Well…there is…but you know what we mean. Collaborate with co-workers or anyone in the world on productions to make your videos stunning.

  • More videos, more quickly

    Managing every part of your video productions in one place means more videos faster. It’s like your video production hub! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that our editors will get your edited video back to you in 5 business days or less.

  • This Guy, Too

    As your on-demand professional video editor, Braden is ready to take your clips and build a beautiful video cake. Think of him as your magical video wizard.

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